video zoomerZoomer is a very attractive electronic robot dog. The form is similar to pets, very pleasant, and the dalmatian motif suitable for child’s play. Many advantages that belongs zoomer robot dog that is your first step to first teach a lot of tricks, calling names, order of play, or can be invited to speak in English, Spanish and French.

For training zoomer you can download a free iOS or Android app.  zoomer robot dog experts to follow the motion with cute puppy eyes, roll over, play dead is a favorite of children and families. One of the greatest features about this robot pet is that it comes with a rechargeable battery together with a USB cable for charging.

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Why not for the zoomer. Zoomer robot dog are very cool and fun for your age 5 and no hard to clean cages or health responsibilities. Make loving companions, zoomer give joy like a real puppy, with advantages that are very easy to apply.

Best friend to the children. zoomer has interactive sensors can be directed like a real pet dog. But may need some command several times to understand.

Welcome to the new family members zoomer robotic dog. To try press the button on the back Zoomer, he will reward you with a random trick. Robot dogs are very loyal friend a loving for your child for ages 5+, and loving n in the family. t now is his time, to give the best gift for families.

Zoomer The Dog as the best toys and the best friend !!

Puppies are the best family pets. but now Zoomer present to accompany happiness every moment like real puppies. Zoomer dog is made for children wait to adopt a real puppy ages 5+. New real best friend who will bark, talk, scoot around, and play with you! Finally, a dog made just for kids! Zoomer is so bright he understands your voice in English, Spanish and French. With your training, he can perform some amazing tricks. Simply call his name to get his attention, and then teach him a trick. Zoomer can learn to sit, speak, even shake a paw. Produck detail includes: 1 Zoomer, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Instruction Guide, 1 Reference Guide. Recharge Zoomer by using his included USB cable.

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Zoomer Robot Dog Customer’s Review

below is Vivian Kelly comment about the zoomer .

What a great dog!! He does as he’s told, doesn’t run away, always ready to play, doesn’t shed or make a mess. And will tell me that he loves me every time!!! I am so in love with my Zoomer!!!