Incredible! Gave to my granddaughter for her birthday. As Zoomer Robot Dog moved around and looked at us with his bright electronic eyes you sensed that he was a real dog. My wife and are considering one for a pet. Oh, and our granddaughter squealed with delight on opening at her party! She loves it!


zoomerdogBelow is James T Laferty Comment review about  Zoomer Robot Dog. Now is the perfect time for you to be able to feel the greatness of a highly sophisticated robot dog. Zoomer robot dog toy has a simple though, the more you play with him , he will learn more tricks and will understand more of your instructions. It has a flexible tail which makes a real wagging of tail.

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Teach Zoomer to Shake a Paw

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Zoomer Robot Dog can even act and can move just like real and true playful and fun loving puppy, wagging their tail, crouching and rolling around. It has LED eyes which can even track the movements all across the room which turn in hearts. Moreover, it even have the voice activated commands which will help him to learn when he plays with you. “Can we get a puppy?”, then you need to adopt Zoomer. Now children aged 5 and up, can experience all the love and affection of a real puppy without the messy clean up, vaccinations and responsibilities.

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Zoomer Dog have unique personality

Zoomer can get bored, fall asleep or wander off to explore, so make sure you keep him engaged. Zoomer can learn to sit, speak, even shake a paw. These are just a few of his talents. With a little practice, you can even become a Master Zoomer Trainer. Just remember to be patient, because like a real puppy he might forget.Zoomer Robot Dog is an incredible puppy who is playful, affectionate and full of surprises! He does everything a puppy can do. Watch him scoot around, enthusiastically wag his tail, bark, whine, pant and speak. And because he does act like a real puppy, that means he has his own unique personality…which can be unpredictable at times.

As one of the smartest pups around, Zoomer Dog is eager to learn but needs you help. With your training, he can perform some amazing tricks. Simply call his name to get his attention, and then teach him a trick.